All the questions about our Vivadogs boxes are answered here. If you have any other queries, please drop us an email.

1. What is Vivadogs?

Vivadogs sends you a monthly box of snacks, accessories, toys and other products to celebrate, nourish and strengthen the bond with your dog. The price is only £19.90/box (monthly plan), £14.90/box (6 month plan) and £13.90/box (12 month plan). The value in shops is higher than £30.

2. What is included in my box?

The box contains a selection of 5 different premium products tailored to the size of your dog. This includes toys, snacks, accessories and nutritional supplements for your dog to enjoy and look after his hygiene. Always just the best brands, in their original packaging.

3. Are there any additional costs to your service?

No, the prices listed on our website already include taxes and shipping costs

4. When I join, am I committing to stay subscribed?

You may unsuscribe your subscription at anytime. Send us an email at hello@vivadogs.com. before the 26th of the previous month and your account will be closed. If you cancel after the 26th of the month you will receive your last box at the incoming month and your subscription will be canceled.

If you are subscribed to a 6-12 month plan and you wish to cancel before the plan is finished, we will have to charge you the difference between your chosen subscription and the monthly plan for each box received.

5. Can I opt-out of a month’s box?

You may pause your subscription for one month at a time, just send us an email to hello@vivadogs.com before the 26th of the previous month if you do not want to receive the current month’s box. If you request to pause your subscription after the 26th, you will be pausing your subscription for the following month.

6. When am I billed for my subscription?

The first payment is charged on purchase. Afterwards, the fee will be charged to your card on the 1st of each month.

7. How and when will I receive my box?

Your box will arrive by the last week of the month via Royal Mail. If you order before the 25th you will receive your box the last week of the month. If you order after the 25th, you will receive your box the last week of next month.

8. Are all your boxes the same?

No, the boxes are specifically designed for the size of your dog, and we will consider if your dog is a heavy chewer when selecting the toys =)

9. Will I know the contents of the box every month?

Yes, you can see the content of each months box in the section “Our boxes”, You can also have a look at previous boxes to see what awesome products we usually send.

10. Do you help animal rescue societies?

Yes, we donate at least 10% of our profit to animal charity organizations.

11. Can I change my shipping address?

To modify any shipping or delivery information, please email us at hello@vivadogs.com


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