Are you a real dog lover?
Then this is your box!

The ones that love dogs like us understand what we mean when we say that the bond between a person and a dog can be stronger than any other type of bond. The ones who don’t will maybe never understand this. Basically, where others see sacrifice, we see gratification. Because we know that everything good that we give them, will be returned.

Vivadogs comes out of this love for dogs, a monthly box with 5 different premium products, especially thought to celebrate, nourish and strengthen the bond with your dog.

A monthly party!

With vivadogs, each month you will discover new toys, snacks, accessories, nutritional supplements and products to maintain the health and hygiene of your dog. Our mission is to surprise you with new articles, of only the best brands and in their original packaging, and to achieve this, our R&Dogs especially select these products just for your dog, considering its size…and of course its ability to bite!

Order now and get prepared for a happiness overload from your dog!

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Chose your plan

You decide how long you want the subscription:
1, 6 or 12 months.

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sending us an email
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